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Project Management

Project Management


Codema has over 15 years of experience of managing projects for the Dublin Local Authorities. This helps ensure that projects are successfully completed. Good project management also ensures that projects do not exceed the budget or encounter delays, while also ensuring the project always closely links to the organisation’s objectives. Simply put, effective and efficient project management utilises knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from a project.

Codema is project manager for Dublin’s Sustainable Energy Community ‘Emerge‘, which is funded by SEAI and aims to create a platform for communication on sustainable energy in Dublin City.

How can Codema help with Project Management?

While it is great to qualify for European funding and implement a programme on a local level, the project management of these projects can be very difficult, dealing with a wide range of international partners, arranging meetings and ensuring that work packages and their deliverables are finished on time and within budget.

Codema’s qualified project managers can help you achieve your goals and keep you on track. We have successfully completed 5 EU projects and are currently involved in 6 EU projects.

Completed EU projects:

  • ASTUTE – Advancing Sustainable Transport in Urban Areas to Promote Energy Efficiency (IEE)
  • BUDI– Local implementation of the European Energy Performance & Building Directive (IEE)
  • MINUS 3% – Shining Examples for the Implementation of the Energy End-Use Efficiency & Energy Services Directive (IEE)
  • ROSH – Retrofitting of Social Housing (IEE)
  • SECURE – Sustainable Energy Communities in Urban Areas in Europe (IEE)
  • SURE-RESECO – Sustainable Urban Regeneration of Europe – Renewable Energy Sources Energy Concept (5th FP)
  • TEACH – Training pupils for Energy Analysis in school buildings (SAVE Programme)