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Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)


We work with cities all over Europe to learn and adapt low-carbon solutions and apply them here, working with the Dublin Local Authorities to prove concepts and pioneer new solutions.

One of those new concepts is Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), which is commonly used in countries like Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic but is a relatively new concept to Ireland.

As an EPC project facilitator, Codema is playing a key role in promoting the opportunities for large building retrofits using the EPC method.

Ireland’s building stock needs a huge level of energy efficiency retrofits, and in Dublin we have a very old building stock. Upgrades are not happening fast enough, and knowledge and funding are big barriers.

Energy Performance Contracting allows building owners to upgrade their buildings to reduce their energy demand with two main advantages – a guaranteed level of energy performance over the contract term and the ability to part or fully-finance the project through the energy cost savings. Codema is one of the first companies to implement such contracts in Ireland, and we continue to develop and adapt procurement processes and contract structures for new projects, using public sector projects as the test cases.

Ongoing Projects

To date, we have facilitated Dublin City Council in developing two EPC projects to upgrade their sports and dry hall facilities.

The first project, ‘EPC I’, involved a number of energy efficiency upgrades to Ballymun, Finglas and Markievicz Sports and Fitness Centres. The project has been very successful to date, achieving average energy savings of 38%. Codema is continually assisting DCC in managing the M&V process for this contract, which runs for eight years.  The contract is now in its fourth year, having operated successfully since December 2016.

The contract for ‘EPC II’ was awarded in August 2019 and the works were completed in early 2020. This second project will aim to achieve average energy savings of more than 35% per year through a range of energy-efficiency upgrades.  These include:

  • New LED lighting
  • New combined heat and power system to efficiently heat the swimming pool in Ballyfermot
  • Improved building control systems for effective management of all equipment
  • Renewable energy measures through the installation of solar photovoltaic panels

Codema is also assisting Dlr Leisure with its first EPC project involving three of its leisure centres, and also Fingal County Council with its first EPC involving its headquarters at County Hall in Swords, along with its Civic Offices, the Draíocht Arts Centre, and public library in Blanchardstown. Both projects plan to upgrade the existing lighting, heating and ventilation systems, as well as boiler upgrades, control systems and renewable energy systems such as PV panels will also be considered. The Pre-Qualification stage of these projects is now complete and the successful ESCos have been shortlisted. Site surveys and the competitive dialogue phase will take place in summer 2020, with award of both tenders and works taking place by the end of the year.

If you would like to know more about EPC or are wondering how to develop your own project, please contact our Senior Executive Engineer Joe Hayden at joe.hayden@codema.ie. You can also download our Guide to Energy Performance Contracing in Public Buildings to learn more, or assess how suitable your building is for EPC using the EPC tool.

Watch our video below to learn more about Energy Performance Contracting