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Kick off of the REGEN Project

16th April, 2024

The end of January 2024 marked the kick-off of the REGEN EU Project which, over the next four years, will look at four demonstration sites across Europe in Dublin, Beckerich (Luxembourg), Milan (Italy) and Ladero (Spain). Our colleagues Patricia Astorgano Rodera, Rebecca Cachia and Sarah McEllistrem joined 23 partner organisations in visiting Luxembourg city and the Bekerich Municipality to dive into the project details and hear from other pilot demos.

REGEN (REGENeration of neighbourhoods towards a low-carbon, inclusive and affordable built environment) will pave innovative pathways for the decarbonisation of neighbourhoods and cities, tackling urgent socio-economic, climate and built environment challenges, while engaging citizens and influencing behavioural change.

Codema, as the energy agency for Dublin City Council, will lead the REGEN demo site intervention, supported by Dublin City Council staff and the local Sustainable Energy Community, represented by founding member Arden Energy. REGEN offers an exciting opportunity for Codema to continue the engagement work with the Ringsend community carried out during the formation of the Ringsend and Poolbeg Decarbonising Zone plan, which was completed in February of this year.

Community engagement and participation is at the heart of the REGEN project and will allow Codema to continue to foster collaboration and build on the relationships made with those living, working and studying in the community as we work towards finding innovative, local solutions to decarbonise Ringsend, Irishtown and the surrounding neighbourhoods. The next four years will offer ample opportunity to learn from and implement solutions from other European partners as we embark on this project.

REGEN is co-funded by the European Union through the Horizon Europe programme.