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1st January 2024 - 31st December 2027

REGEN sets out to pave innovative pathways for the decarbonisation of neighbourhoods and cities across Europe.

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Project Description

REGEN (REGENeration of neighbourhoods towards a low-carbon, inclusive and affordable built environment) will pave innovative pathways for the decarbonisation of European neighbourhoods and cities, tackling urgent socio-economic, climate and built environment challenges by designing a multifunctional toolbox, leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies and life-cycle sustainability assessments while engaging citizens and influencing behavioural change.

REGEN will implement its solutions in four demonstration sites (Dublin, Milan, Laredo and Beckerich), continuously monitoring the energy, mobility, and circularity of individual buildings, streets and districts. The project will upscale its findings to the city level, informing key policy directions and contributing to the broader transition towards sustainable urban development.

Codema's Role in the Project

Codema, as the energy agency for Dublin City Council, will lead the REGEN demo site intervention, supported by Dublin City Council (DCC) staff and the local Sustainable Energy Community, represented by founding member Arden Energy. Codema, as the demo site leader will make sure that urban regeneration interventions prioritised for the Dublin demo site are executed following best practice, ensuring a more sustainable, lowemission and inclusive Dublin. Codema, with help from Arden Energy, will spark citizen engagement in local communities by encouraging active and informed participation. This will be carried out by initiating a local engagement campaign designed under the deliberative and participatory regeneration process.

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