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12 Days Of Energy Savings

12 Days of Energy Savings

It’s the festive season, a time for Christmas movies, mulled wine and winter warming cooking. It's no surprise then that our energy use can go up by almost a third over the winter months. To help you keep costs down, while keeping your home cosy, we've put together this quick and easy to follow guide to twelve ways you can save energy this year.

  • Day 1

Use LED Christmas Lights. LED lightbulbs use 1/5 of the energy of a traditional tungsten lightbulb and last up to ten times longer.

  • Day 2

Cook several dishes at once, remember it take the same amount of energy to heat a full oven as it does a nearly empty one. Open the oven door after cooking to heat your home.

  • Day 3

Turn down your thermostat by 1 degree. With all of the cooking, the festive candles and your little helpers around the house, your home will be warmer than usual over the festive period. This simple tip could save as much as 10% on your energy bill.

  • Day 4

Something as simple as popping a lid on your pots and pans when cooking can reduce the cooking time and as a result reduce the energy used in the process.

  • Day 5

Turn off the oven and the rings on your hob for the last 5-10 minutes of cooking. The hob and oven will stay at temperature, finish cooking the food and save energy in the process.

  • Day 6

Make sure to unplug your appliances and Christmas lights before you go to bed. These simple actions can really impact your energy bill at the end of the year.

  • Day 7

Make sure food has cooled down before putting it into the fridge and freezer. These appliances have to work extra hard to cool down hot food, therefore using more energy.

  • Day 8

The festive season inevitably brings shiny new gadgets. Keep en eye out for the most energy efficient options, and consider adding rechargeable batteries to your presents?

  • Day 9

Every time we open our fridge and freezer warm air sneaks in, meaning these appliances have to use energy to cool down that warm air. Avoid leaving the fridge/freezer door open for too long when rooting around for festive goodies.

  • Day 10

Use your purchasing power. Take some time over the Christmas period to compare your current energy plan, find the best deal for you and switch supplier. Comparison websites such as Switcher.ie or Bonkers.ie make the process very easy.

  • Day 11

Use a powerstrip for your appliances and Christmas lights.That way you can turn everything off at once.

  • Day 12

For the final day, have a look through our handy guide to 100 Ways to Save Energy. Making simple changes to your daily tasks at home can really impact your energy usage.

From all of us at Codema, we wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful festive season.