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Energy Saving Guide

Download our full guide to '100 Ways to Save Energy at Home'

Why Save Energy?

Lower your bills
Think you can’t save money without getting the builders in? Think again. By making simple changes to your daily routine and investing in energy-efficient appliances, you could reduce your energy usage by up to 20%. If you are in a position to invest in energy upgrades like insulation and new windows, your bills could be even lower.

A healthier, cosier home
Making simple changes to stop energy escaping from your home can have a number of health benefits. By adjusting your heating controls, sealing up draughts and managing your ventilation, you can enjoy a warmer, more comfortable home, improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of damp and mould. Other energy upgrades can even help to reduce noise pollution and make your home a more peaceful and relaxing place to be.

Fight climate change
It’s easy to feel as though our own day-to-day efforts won’t have much of an impact in terms of combating climate change. But in truth, collective action has the potential to bring about big changes. For example, if every household reduced its emissions by 10%, that would be the equivalent of taking 385,000 cars off the road*.

Whether you own, rent or share your home — every change will make a difference.