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June 2021 - June 2025

The DeliveREE project will support us in rolling out over €20M worth of energy projects in Dublin.

Codema's Services

Codema is leading the EU Horizon 2020 DeliveREE project, which will support us in rolling out over €20M worth of energy projects in Dublin.  The project will provide funding of €1.2M to test and develop a one-stop-shop project implementation unit for energy-efficient and renewable energy projects in Dublin. This will include over €20 million worth of upgrades to council buildings and sites within the region. 

The DeliveREE project will support the retrofit of a range of council facilities such as leisure centres, fire stations, theatres, libraries, offices, community buildings and landfill treatment sites. This pipeline of projects will be completed over the next four years and is expected to reduce carbon emissions in Dublin by almost 4,000 tonnes.

Unlike existing 'one-stop-shops' which typically concentrate on the residential sector, DeliveREE focuses on solutions to retrofitting large commercial and public buildings, which have a big impact on emissions in towns and cities like Dublin but are often overlooked.

A key part of the project will involve creating an innovative, standardised finance and delivery system for rolling out energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects at mass scale in Dublin. This will work by processing and assessing potential projects quickly and efficiently, in order to identify the most suitable buildings to upgrade.  Once identified, these buildings of various types and sizes will be bundled together to gain large-scale impact on the efficiency of Dublin’s building stock.  The retrofit work will then be carried out using energy performance-based contracts, which will ensure long-term, guaranteed energy savings and will make the project more financially attractive to the client, the contractor and to private investors.

In addition to Codema as lead partner, the consortium includes the four Dublin Local Authorities, alongside a range of legal, procurement and financial experts such as Resourceful Futures Ltd, Philip Lee Solicitors Ltd and Sustainable Development Capital LLP.

The project will also be supported by a strategic Advisory Board made up of national government departments and authorities, financial institutes and advisors, experienced energy agencies and European experts.

About DeliveREE

DeliveREE aims to test and develop a long-term solution to mainstream sustainable energy investments by:

  • Creating a ‘one-stop-shop’ Project Implementation Unit (PIU) for project owners to go to to get energy projects developed quickly and efficiently by experienced facilitators
  • Designing and testing the Project Implementation Unit’s project delivery system by delivering a pipeline of multiple projects (more than €20 million worth of energy upgrades in total) across the four Dublin Local Authorities
  • Developing a business case for the PIU to ensure its long-term success and viability
  • Creating an innovative, standardised central project delivery system for processing potential projects to achieve speed of assessment and give confidence and familiarity to clients and market players
  • Removing legal and administrative barriers by cooperatively designing approved assessment templates and procedures to ensure quality control and due diligence
  • Aggregating projects, bundling multiple small and medium projects together to attract the ESCo market and private financing, and gain large-scale impact on the efficiency of the building stock
  • Using a range of performance-based contracts to ensure long-term, guaranteed energy savings and de-risk cash-flows
  • Bringing together a diverse group of experts, as partners and advisors, to help overcome the barriers and knowledge gaps between the different sectors, facilitated and coordinated by Codema

The Team

The DeliveREE consortium consists of technical, facilitation, project management, communications, procurement, legal and financial experts, as well as project owners who will test the DeliveREE structure. In addition to Codema as lead partner and the four Dublin Local Authorities, the consortium includes:

  • Resourceful Futures Ltd (UK), which has extensive legal, commercial and financial experience, from developing and deploying energy transition (power, heat and energy efficiency) and circular economy projects to removing legal and administrative barriers and adding bankability due diligence and project risk allocation.
  • Philip Lee Solicitors Ltd, which has vast legal experience in large energy infrastructure projects and will provide expertise to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, including public procurement advice.
  • Sustainable Development Capital LLP (SDCL), which has in-depth experience of investing in energy efficiency projects and manages the Irish Energy Efficiency Fund.

Advisory Board

DeliveREE will also be overseen by a strategic Advisory Board, which will include representatives from:

  • Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications
  • Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
  • National Development Finance Agency
  • Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
  • Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions Ltd
  • Association of Irish Energy Agencies
  • Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS) Energy Efficiency Centre, Slovenia

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