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Tallaght District Heating Scheme Triumphs at Global District Energy Climate Awards

15th November, 2023

We are delighted to announce that the Tallaght District Heating Scheme (TDHS) has won the prestigious 'Emerging District Energy Market' award at the Global District Energy Climate Awards in Brussels. The award recognises the successful implementation of a district energy system in a country where district heating is currently being established. The Global District Energy Climate Awards celebrate success and collective attainment in the District Heating and Cooling sector. The ceremony of the 8th edition of the awards was held during the Euroheat & Power Summit on 14-15 November 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

The finalists, hailing from diverse cities and communities worldwide, represented local district energy pioneers, showcasing leadership in delivering clean and sustainable energy solutions and we were delighted that Heat Works was been recognised among such a high standard of entries. The Euroheat & Power Summit in Brussels served as a dynamic platform for the awards ceremony, attracting over 230 professionals from global organisations, industry leaders, policymakers and civil society representatives.

Operating under Heat Works, Ireland's first not-for-profit energy utility, fully owned by the South Dublin County Council, the TDHS is the first large-scale district heating network of its kind in Ireland. Launched earlier this year, the scheme represents a significant leap forward in the Ireland's efforts to move towards low-carbon heating solutions.

The heart of the innovation lies in the fact that waste heat generated by the nearby Amazon data centre is harnessed to supply heat to the TDHS network. In normal operation, 100% of the heat demand is covered by the waste heat from the data centre. The collaborative effort between South Dublin County Council, Amazon, Fortum (the contractor), and Codema has resulted in a low-carbon solution, leveraging recyclable heat and innovative heat-pump technology.

The environmental impact is substantial, with the TDHS set to save almost 1,500 tonnes of CO2 annually. This achievement not only establishes Tallaght as a leader in climate change innovation but also contributes significantly to the region's carbon reduction goals. By showcasing the environmental value and potential of district heating in Ireland, the project aims to inspire similar initiatives across the country.

The Tallaght District Heating Scheme marks Ireland's first publicly owned, not-for-profit energy company, delivering low-carbon heat to public buildings in the area. The collaboration between South Dublin City Council and Codema has been instrumental in the success of this innovative, low-carbon initiative.

Funded with the support of the European Union's Interreg NWE programme (HeatNet), the Project Ireland 2040 Climate Action Fund, SEAI, and through direct funding from the Council, the Tallaght District Heating Scheme aligns with the ambitious targets set in the Government's Climate Action Plan 2023. The plan envisions Ireland reaching up to 0.8 TWh of district heating by 2025 and up to 2.7 TWh by 2030, emphasising the commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Admir Shala, District Heating Development Manager for Heat Works, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "This award is a testament to the collaborative efforts and commitment to innovation showcased by the stakeholders involved. The Tallaght District Heating Scheme is not only a local success story but a beacon of inspiration for the broader transition to low-carbon heating solutions across Ireland."