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Launch of the 4-Day Week Pilot Results

30th November, 2022

Codema is delighted to be one of just 12 innovative companies in Ireland that have participated in the 4-day week trial, which launched the results of the study earlier today.

Codema has been involved in this trial since February 2022 and we have seen very positive results in overall productivity and staff wellbeing since the trial began, with an increase in well-being and job satisfaction resulting in a more efficient, motivated and dedicated team. As a result, we plan to continue the 4-day week trial on a more longterm basis, with regular monitoring and evluation along the way.

Speaking earlier today, Codema's HR and Operations Manager Edel Giltenane said:

"Promoting and fostering a healthy work-life balance has always been at the heart of Codema’s core values and we believe participating in the 4DW programme has not only been beneficial for our staff but also for our company. Giving staff more time to invest in personal interests, develop new hobbies, and family time has improved wellbeing and job satisfaction, which, in turn, has resulted in a more efficient, motivated and dedicated team.  We believe this new way of working gives us the competitive edge when attracting new talent and retaining our valuable staff so that we can continue delivering the same high quality service to our clients."

RTÉ News also reported live on the 4 day week results from Codema HQ - you can watch the report and learn more at the link below.