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About the Home Energy Saving Kit

Whether you own or rent accommodation, The Home Energy Saving Kit has been developed to help you understand your energy consumption and identify the most important areas of your home for energy upgrades. It has five practical tools and six exercises which will help you conduct your own home energy audit and find the easiest and most effective areas to reduce your energy.

Did you know by implementing easy energy saving measures, you could reduce your energy bill by up to 20% while improving the comfort of your home and helping contribute to a better environment at the same time. It’s a no brainer. The tools in the kit are easy-to-use (you don’t need to be an engineer to understand how they work, don’t worry), they provide an interactive and tangible way to introduce the concept of energy usage into your home and a perfect way to get the whole family involved! Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of the excellent feedback we have received to date:

  • "The first striking thing about the kit is how simple it is...as first steps (toward energy saving) go, it is certainly very positive!" - Conor Pope, Irish Times
  • “It showed me the areas where I can improve insulation and the benefits of improving glazing and draught proofing”- Home Energy Saving Kit user
  • “The kit created energy awareness in my family, especially the wasting of energy like boiling a kettle and leaving appliances on”- Home Energy Saving Kit user
  • “I was surprised with some of the results, especially some areas of heat loss which were unexpected. Glad I borrowed it before I made any decisions for home improvements, it will help to prioritise where I spend the money.”- Home Energy Saving Kit user
  • “I was able to see the cost and energy consumption of appliances I regularly use. For example, I now only fill the kettle with as much water as I need, as I hadn't realised how much it costs to boil water for tea.”- Home Energy Saving Kit user

The Home Energy Saving Kit is now available to borrow from over 170 locations across Ireland. In Dublin. the kit can be found in all Dublin City Council, Fingaldlr Libraries and South Dublin libraries. Across the country, the kit can be found in a growing number of libraries in Carlow, CavanCork CityClareGalwayKerryKildareKilkenny LaoisLimerickLeitrimLouth, MayoMeathMonaghanOffaly,  RoscommonSligoWaterford,WestmeathWexford and Wicklow. There are even more locations due to be launched in the coming months! 

To find your closest toolkit and to start saving energy in your home, check out our Home Energy Saving Kit map.

To learn more about what you can find in the Home Energy Saving Kit, hover over the blue stars below to identify the tools.

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