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Codema brings Energy Awareness to Tallaght Library

06th October, 2014

As part of its energy awareness campaign "Think Energy" , Codema visited Tallaght Library on Tuesday, 23rd September 2014 to demonstrate to staff how they can save energy at work and at home.

Marketing Officer, Verena Brennan, highlighted why it was important to save energy and how every person’s actions have an impact on the overall energy consumption of the city. While providing important energy saving tips in the area of space heating, water heating, appliances, and lighting, Tallaght library staff learned practical steps on how to reduce their energy bills and received a demonstration of different light bulbs and monitoring equipment for their home.

EPLACE energy awarenessBrian Connolly, Energy Management Assistant at Codema, provided an overview of the current energy consumption of Tallaght Library, which is currently monitored through the WeSave metering equipment pilot-tested under the CIP-funded project EPLACE. He also offered a free trial of the EPLACE platform, which is an online tool for building managers or occupants to help them understand and benchmark their energy consumption while taking advantage of product recommendations, financial information as well as tips on technical improvements. To create your own energy account, please visit www.enerplace.eu.

EPLACE seeks to demonstrate the importance of innovative ICT solutions for public buildings in the reduction of energy consumption. Tallaght Library is one of the pilot-buildings, where energy-saving opportunities will be identified and actions carried out as part of an energy awareness campaign.