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Renewable Energy Dublin (Completed)

Renewable Energy Dublin (Completed)


To promote the uptake of renewable energy in Dublin through free access to and interaction with up-to-date information on renewable technology installations and capacity in County Dublin.

Codema's Services

Codema's Role

Codema identified the need for up-to-date information on installed renewable energy capacity in Dublin and engaged consultant Tom Bruton of BioXL to identify these installations. Based on the consultant’s database, we created an interactive map showcasing the renewable energy sites in Dublin and providing data on sector, fuel type, size and year installed.

Project Description

In order to promote renewable energy uptake in the public and private sector the first step is to determine what is currently installed in County Dublin. This had not been attempted before and no definitive database exists detailing type, location and size of renewable technology. Codema, through the Ace project, commissioned a number of initiatives to address this gap. An interactive map was created showing known renewable installations. Additionally, we commissioned a number of site visits to known installations to determine how they perform and whether they can be maximised. Finally based on these findings Codema published a report with conclusions and recommendations toward increased uptake of renewables.

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