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Green eMotion (Completed)

Green eMotion (Completed)

March 2011- Feb 2015 (48 Months)

The Green eMotion project aimed to promote the mass deployment of electromobility across Europe. It supports the European climate goals to reduce CO2 emissions by 60% by the year 2050, through the research and development of road transport solutions.

Codema's Services

Codema's Role

Codema liaised between the ESB and the Dublin Local Authorities to help facilitate the roll-out of electric vehicles in the Dublin Region.

Project Description

Green eMotion aimed to enable mass deployment of electromobility in Europe. To achieve this, major players from industry, the energy sector, municipalities as well as universities and research institutions joined forces to develop and demonstrate a commonly accepted and user-friendly framework consisting of interoperable and scalable technical solutions in connection with a sustainable business platform. The Smart Grids development, innovative ICT solutions, different types of electric vehicles (EV) as well as urban mobility concepts were taken into account for the implementation of this framework. Green eMotion aimed to connect ten ongoing regional and national electromobility initiatives leveraging on the results and comparing the different technology approaches to ensure the best solutions prevailed for the EU single market.

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