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Plastic Free July

24th July, 2020

Given that it is nearing the end of Plastic Free July, we have created an infographic to show how much energy it takes to make just one plastic water bottle. 

A typical one-litre plastic bottle uses about two litres of water during the manufacturing process – so a one-litre bottle of water represents three litres of water consumption. Each of those bottles also takes approximately 4 million joules of energy to create, so what does this mean? This is enough energy to:

  • power an electric shower for 7-10 mins
  • tumble dry clothes for 20-40 mins
  • wash clothes for 70-100mins
  • power a desktop computer for 4-6 hours
  • power 1 x100 watt bulb for 10-50 hours.

Everytime we throw away a piece of plastic, we throw away all of the energy that went into to making it. So don't forget to choose a reusable bottle where possible, reduce, reuse and recycle. Simply put, think before you throw.