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Codema to participate in global 4-day week trial

03rd February, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Codema is one of 17 innovative companies in Ireland taking part in a global 4-day week trial.  

For over 25 years, Codema has implemented new innovative solutions in climate mitigation to improve our environment and the lives of the people of Dublin. We also pride ourselves on making decisions and helping others make decisions based on objective and robust scientific evidence - so we decided, why not also apply these same strategic principles not just to what we do, but to how we do it?

Evidence provided by multiple studies of 4-day week trials from countries across the world all show positive results in terms of both increased productivity and increased employee wellbeing. This means we can continue to deliver a high-quality service, while also increasing the happiness and work-life balance of our staff, so it’s a win-win.

During this six-month 4-day week trial, our office hours will remain the same, and staff will be available 5 days a week, so there will be no disruption to our services.

Commenting on our participation in the 4-day week trial, Codema's CEO Donna Gartland said:

As an organisation, our employees are our most valuable assets - so of course their wellbeing is a priority for us. Climate action has become the most pressing issue of our time, and those working in the sector have come under increased workload and pressure to deliver, as well as being exposed daily to news that can cause ‘climate anxiety’. We therefore have an increased duty of care and to look for ways to protect our staff mental health and protect against burn-out. The 4-day week also comes with many other added benefits, such as a reducing our businesses’ carbon footprint, reducing sick leave, and attracting new staff to come and work with us. Therefore, taking part in this 6-month national initiative was an easy decision for us, and it is great to have the support of the 4DW trial researchers and mentors to guide us in our transition.