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Codema on Eco Eye

27th January, 2020

We were delighted to take part in last week's episode of Eco Eye, which focused on the need to revolutionise our energy systems and end Ireland's reliance on fossil fuels.

Our Senior Energy Planner Donna Gartland spoke to presenter Duncan Stewart about the huge potential to develop district heating in Dublin.

Currently, there is enough waste and renewable heat to power over one million homes in Dublin. This waste heat comes from sources such as data centres, power stations, waste-water treatment plants and large industries and our renewable heat comes from deep geothermal sources throughout Dublin.

By developing district heating networks, we could redirect this heat (most of which is simply escaping into the atmosphere) and pipe this into homes and businesses connected to that network. With over 70% of Dublin's households classed as suitable for district heating, this innovative, low-carbon heating solution has huge potential to end our reliance on traditional, fossil-fuel based heating systems and transform how heat is supplied to homes and businesses around the County.

You can watch the episode of Eco Eye by clicking here.

To discuss any of our work on district heating, you can contact Donna Gartland at 01 707 9818 or email donna.gartland@codema.ie