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How one person can make a difference

How one person can make a difference

Neil McCabe, a fire-fighter at Kilbarrack Fire Station, has shown how one person can make a difference. What started with staff simply recycling batteries resulted in a major environmental project which led to the creation of the world's first carbon neutral fire station. While working his regular shift hours, Neil successfully implemented the Green Plan© to create a more connected and better working environment. This major achievement has involved all of the Crew of the Kilbarrack Fire Station and is structured around the power of behavioural change to reduce carbon emissions and energy reduction.

He explains:

Kilbarrack Fire Station and Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) have fully absorbed the Green Plan© into our Business Plan. This is how we now do business. We have removed the “must do something approach” with “actual actions and renewable technologies.” I am now heavily involved, steering on several major EU Projects that are having an impact on society and energy consumption across the continent. I am also rolling the Green Plan© out across all of DFB, and this year Finglas and Blanchardstown Fire Stations are being retro fit with renewable technologies financed using Energy Savings.

Here are just some of his achievements to date:

  • Water consumption has been reduced by 1,500,000 litres per annum, reducing costs by 90%. 80% of the hot water is produced by the station's thermodynamic panels.
  • 60% of waste has been reduced and 100% of organic waste is recovered
  • 100% of glass, paper, plastic, tin and organic waste are recycled or composted.
  • Electricity consumption have been reduced by 80%.

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