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Think Energy Awareness Days

Happy Birthday “Think Energy”: Think Energy Days June 25th & 26th 

The Think Energy team is excited to announce the first anniversary of the Think Energy campaign, which aims at informing and inspiring Dublin City Council staff to become more energy-conscious in their everyday life.

As part of this celebration, we want to invite you to join us for our ‘Think Energy Days’!

When? Wednesday, June 25th & Thursday, June 26th

Where? Canteen of the Civic Offices

Why not take a test drive with our electric cars, watch a climate change documentary or take part in our bicycle challenge? Learn more about how to protect our natural heritage while saving money at your own workplace and at home and get first hand information on energy- savings from our industry experts!

Program details:

Meet Codema staff & Think Energy Ambassadors - Get to know Codema and the Think Energy Ambassador program. Learn how to get involved and how to save energy in your own workplace and at home.

E-Car on Display - Have you ever driven in an electric car before? Why not take a test drive in Dublin City Council’s E-Car and learn how you can use the vehicle for business purpose. If you are interested in registering for a testdrive please click here.

Picturing a sustainable Dublin City - Help us create a more sustainable place at work and at home by providing our artist with energy-saving tips which will help illustrate a more sustainable Dublin City in our live drawing.

Bicycle Challenge - How much energy does it take to produce a watt? Take the bicycle challenge and win a free coffee!

Kids Energy Action - Get the kids involved in energy savings! The children of Dublin City Council’s crèche (3-4yrs old) are coming to visit and will help us colour in the Think Energy logo.

Dublin Bikes - Escape Dublin’s traffic and reduce your carbon footprint by taking the Dublin Bikes or applying to the Cycle-to-Work Scheme.

Industry Experts - get first hand information on energy- savings from our industry experts!

Book Corner - Would you like to learn more about energy? Why not visit the Think Energy Book Corner where you will find a great selection of literature on climate change, energy-efficiency and sustainable development. All books are now available for you in the Civic Office’s staff library.

Saving Water, Saving Energy! - Using water takes a lot of energy. You can cut your energy bill and prepare for the upcoming water charges by taking simple water conservation measures.

Play our Energy Game - When it comes to saving energy, the Energuy is just too lazy: Play the “Energuy” on our touch screens and learn how the “Energuy” can make energy-savings in his house! Record your score on our flip chart and get a treat for your efforts. 

Movie Screenings - Watch “An Inconvenient Truth” & “The 11th Hour” on the big screen in Civic Office’s canteen and find out more about the potential future of our planet. 

Solar Energy, Tour of the panels on Civic Office’s roof - Come with us on a solar panel tour on the roof of Civic Offices and learn more about renewable energy.