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With the Clocks Gone Back an Hour, Don’t Forget to Save on Power!

28th October, 2014

Now that the clocks have gone back an hour, it will be darker in the evenings and the weather will be getting colder too as winter approaches.  It also means that we’ll be using more energy at home and at work, but there are lots of positive steps that you can take to reduce energy use and cut down on unnecessary costs. 

For example, consider whether you actually need to switch on the main lights in your office; desk top lamps with energy saving bulbs can be used if extra light is needed.  You can also maximise the use of natural daylight by opening blinds in your office during the day.  Also, if you are the last one out the office, make sure you check that all lights and appliances are switched off correctly.  At home, adjusting your thermostat to 20 degrees in your main living areas can reduce your energy bill by 10%.

For a full list of energy saving tips coming into the winter, visit the Think Energy hub.

Have a great tip that’s not listed?  Email us at thinkenergy@dublincity.ie and we will include it for you!